HVAC Maintenance Services of Sugar Land

Whether it's your home or your business, it's important to understand how to properly maintain your air conditioning unit and heating system to ensure that it stays in proper working order for years to come. There are numerous HVAC maintenance tasks that you can perform on a regular basis such as changing and cleaning the filter and keeping the overall unit clean to prevent grime buildup and rust. However, there are some air conditioning maintenance tasks that are best left to HVAC professionals such as cleaning drains, condensation lines and air handlers. Without professional experience, skills and tools, performing these tasks could result in irreparable damage to the unit. Luckily, the professionals at Airco USA have everything you need to safely perform these tasks and more.

ac and heating maintenance

If you have a business or home in the area of Sugar Land, TX, then you can reap the benefits of Airco USA's maintenance services along with a thorough analysis of your system, tune-up and even repair any broken or failing parts if needed. The analysis involves checking for moisture in the refrigeration system, detecting leaks in any of the various hoses of the unit as well as cleaning the condenser coils to ensure maximum efficiency.

You should perform minor maintenance at regular intervals, but these specialized checks should be performed at least twice per year. The first check should occur at the beginning of the cooling season, which is usually mid to late spring. The second check should occur at the beginning of the heating season, which can occur as soon as early autumn. To make the process easier, sign up for Airco USA's heating and air conditioning maintenance plan for scheduled check-ups and tune-ups.

Be aware of any odd sounds that may be coming from your heating or air conditioning unit, and contact us immediately if you hear them. The longer a sound is ignored, the more damage it could be doing to your system. It can be unpleasant to be without air conditioning in Sugar Land, TX, and it can be dangerous to be without heating in the winter months.

To schedule an appointment for HVAC maintenance or if you have any questions or comments for us, call us today.